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Updated: Wednesday October 15, 2003



CCW Arena
Marysville, PA

The show opened with a promo by the backbone of CCW "Fab 4". Vargas and Rob Noxious then took out "J-Money" and broke his ankle. It was declared by the CCW commissioner Mike Betchel that the Heavyweight title would have to be vacated since J-Money would be out for an undetermined amount of time.

Match 1

Ryan Loot


Greg Spitz

This match went to a DQ when Uncle Dick and Mark Smart
both interfered.

Match 2

Tiffani Monroe



This match went to a no contest when the invaders interfered and was kicked out of the building by the whole CCW locker room.

Match 3

American Jackass



American Jackass over Nomad

Match 4

"Hardcore 3-Way Dance" match

Mark Smart





Mark Smart over Blood and Chronicle in a 3 way hardcore match.

Match 5

"Tag Team" match

2 of the The Invaders
(Johnny Graham & Joey Wrath)


Dawg Pound
(D-Licious & Lobo Loco)

This match ended in a no-contest after both teams had to be pulled apart.

Match 6

Sonjay Dutt



Sonjay Dutt over Tai

Match 7



John Balsomo

Cabbie over John "Pisano" Balsomo

Match 8

CCW Heavyweight Championship

"3-Way Dance" match

Rockin' Rebel




Big Hink

w/JR Manitoba

Vargas Pinned Big Hink to become CCW heavyweight champ

Match 9

"TLC 1"

CCW Tag Team Championship

"TLC Tag team" match

Fabulous Bodies
(Damien Destruction & Rob Noxious)


Maximum Wrath
(Max Havoc & Mikey Wrath)

w/JR Manitoba

Fabulous Bodies (Rob Noxious and Damien Destruction) w/ J.R. Manitoba vs. Maximum Wrath "Max Havoc and Mikey Wrath" in a TLC match for the CCW tag team championship. This match saw a lot of sick spots by all contestants, using three tables, sick chair shots, and inventive ladder spots. The match ended with Rob Noxious jumping off the top of the ladder off the stage and putting his partner Damien Destruction thru a table by accident. Max Havoc got the pin on Damien to become CCW tag team champs.

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