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Updated: Wednesday October 15, 2003



Middletown, PA

Match 1

Ryan Loot


Mike Lawson

w/Big Daddy

Big Daddy helped Ryan Loot win this match, when he entered the ring and slammed Lawson down while the ref was distracted. 

Match 2

Lobo Loco


Mikey Wrath

This match went to a no contest when the Invaders interfered in this match.  D-Licious came and made the save, to set up a match between the Dawg Pound vs. Mark Mest and Joey Wrath.

Match 3

"3-Way Hardcore Dance" match



Insane Sam


Nick Castle

Nick Castle pulls this match off.

Click here to see pictures from this match!

Match 3

"Bullwhip" match

American Jackass



Nomad over American Jackass

Match 4

Rockin' Rebel



w/JR Manitoba

Rebel defeated cabbie.

Match 5

"Tag Team" match

2 of the The Invaders
(Johnny Graham & Joey Wrath)


Dawg Pound
(D-Licious & Lobo Loco)

This match went to a Double DQ when D-Licious Joey Wrath thru a table with a swanton from the top rope to the outside and Mark Mest hit Lobo with a chair.

Match 6

CCW Heavyweight Championship

Big Hink




When Vargas tried to hit J-Money with the belt it back fired on him, helping Big Hink with the CCW Heavyweight Championship.

Match 7

"TLC 2"

CCW Tag Team Championship

"TLC Tag Team" match

Fabulous Bodies
(Damien Destruction & Rob Noxious)


Maximum Wrath
(Max Havoc & Mikey Wrath)

w/JR Manitoba

This match saw 4 tables, broken chairs and lots of sick bumps/ladder spots.  Fabulous Bodies won the CCW tag team belts back when Damien Destruction jumped off the top of the ladder off the stage to put Mikey Wrath thru a table.


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