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Updated: Wednesday October 15, 2003



Lancaster, PA

Match 1

CCW Cruiserweight Championship

American Jackass


Tiffani Monroe

An enraged American Jackass got disqualified from the first event to save his Cruiserweight Title from Tiffani Monroe. Tiffani came out to the ring to which Jackass jumps her from behind and beats her down until the referee tries to split them up. Jackass then knocks out the ref and even Uncle Jessie, continuing his rampage until Greg Spitz comes out for the save.

Match 2

Mark Mest



Lancaster native, Asylum made his Debut with a win over Mean Mark Mest. The crowd got behind Asylum as he power slammed the big man for the win.

Match 3

Johnny Graham


Steve Kelley

w/ Cobra

Luscious Johnny Graham defeated newcomer Steve Kelly. This was a very technical and hard fought match. Graham pulls out the win with a controversial both feet on the ropes.

Match 4



Greg Spitz

Pinky looked to be on the short end of the match against Greg Spitz, until the interference of Jackass with a steel chair to the head caused Spitz to go down for the count.

Match 5

CCW US Championship



Mike Lawson

Next was the US Title Match with Champion Cabbie VS Mike Lawson. These two put on a very intense match with the the master of submissions, Cabbie against the high flying tactics of Mike Lawson. Cabbie pulls out another successful title defense.

Match 6



Rico Suave Jr.

W/ JR Manitoba & J-Money

D-Licious beat Rico Suave Jr. in a "ex-Dawg Pound Member versus the New Member of Dawg Pound" match. D-Licious pulls off the win after D-licious throws a chair to Rico just as the ref turns and pretends to be hit by the chair causing Rico to be disqualified.

Match 7

First Annual Larry Brown "Crack Alley Street Fight"

Rockin' Rebel


Max Havok

Max Havoc lost to Rockin' Rebel in first Annual Larry Brown "Crack Alley Street fight". Falls count anywhere. This brawl spilled out of the building and into the streets where traffic stopped to allow for this match to continue. The match eventually made its way back into the ring for the fall as Rebel finished off Max in the middle of the ring.

Match 8

CCW Heavyweight Championship



Lobo Loco

W/ JR Manitoba & D-Licious

Next up was the CCW Heavyweight title Match pitting Champion J-Money VS Lobo Loco. JR Manitoba and D-Licious of the Fab 4 accompanied J-Money to the ring. Lobo put on a Valiant effort but could not win this match due to the outside interference from J-Moneys allies.

Match 9

"Tornado Tables Tag Team" match

"Fabulous Bodies"
( Rob Noxious & Damien Destruction)


"The Wrath Brothers"
(Joey Wrath & Mikey Wrath)

w/ JR Manitoba

It didn't take long before all chaos broke loose. Mikey and Damien were both bleeding profusely as they battled through numerous tables, ladders and chairs (Oh my). Match ended when J-Money interfered and  brought out Max Havoc to re-unite "Maximum Wrath" (the team of Maximum Havoc & Mikey Wrath) and help put Damien through a table for the win. After the match, challenges were issued for the next event on June 7th in Marysville for a 3 levels of Hell Match featuring a TLC match, Dog Collar Match and Casket Match with the loser being the one who gets locked in a casket and driven away.

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