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Updated: Wednesday October 15, 2003



at "On Stage"
Lebanon, PA

Match 1

"Extended Grudge" Match

Mark Mest



This match pitted Mean Mark Mest once again against Asylum. This would be their 3rd match. Before the match they each have a win, but after this match it's now Mean Mark=2 / Asylum=1

Match 2

CCW Cruiserweight Championship

American Jackass



American Jackass defended his Cruiserweight Title against the  newcomer Saint. Saint gave a gallant effort, but Jackass came up on top.

Match 3

CCW Tag Team Championship

The Rebel Army
(Rockin Rebel & Greg Matthews)


(Greg Spitz & Tommy Northshore)

The Team of Greg Spitz and Tommy Northshore took on the Rockin' Rebel and "Tough Enough" Greg Matthews for the CCW Tag Straps. Rebel and Matthews retain their Title after a hard fought battle on both sides.

Match 4

Shawn Storm


DJ Danzer

Another newcomer, DJ Danzer made his debut taking on Shawn Storm. Storm gets the duke.

Match 5

CCW US Championship

Ryan Loot



Cabbie defends his US Title against Ryan Loot. Ryan comes to the ring wearing Cabbies belt. This was the match of the night as Cabbie and Ryan pulled out all stops. Ryan even climbed to the top of the stage, above the ring to jump down and, fortunately for Cabbie, miss his opponent. Cabbie wins and retains his title once again.

Match 6

"Instant Hardcore" Match

Max Havok


Damien Destruction


w/ JR Manitoba

Damien Destruction takes on Max Havok. The first half of the match was scientific, and the second half became a hardcore match. Max Takes the win, but not before J-Money jumps him to setup for a match at the CCW arena in Marysville in August.

Match 7

CCW Heavyweight Championship



Joey Wrath

w/ JR Manitoba

w/ Mike Trash

CCW Heavyweight Champ J-Money accompanied by JR Manitoba takes on Joey Wrath accompanied by Mike Trash. The Match goes back and forth until JR hands the belt to Money to use and Joey Reverses him and uses the Belt for the win. As Joey was celebrating his win, Commissioner JR restarts the match and Joey gets caught off guard and ends up being pinned. Damien then makes his way to further punish Joey to set up for a match at the next CCW event in August.

Match 8

"Dawg Pound Rules" match

Rob Noxious & D-Licious


"Dawg Pound"
(Loco Lobo & Rico Suave Jr.)

w/ JR Manitoba

The main event took the Dawg Pound and pitted them against Rob Noxious and D-Licious of the Fab 4 in a Dawg Pound Rules match. The match went all over the building until the Dawg Pound finally got the win. After the match DJ Danzer and his associate attack the Dawg Pound calling them imposters to the Puerto Rican Community.


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