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Updated: Wednesday October 15, 2003



"CCW Arena"
Marysville, PA

Match 1

CCW US Championship



Ryan Loot

Cabbie over Ryan Loot. Great match! Ryan Loot is one of the younger up and coming stars in the business. Cabbie as always put on a ***** performance. These two did an exchange of moves that must have lasted a full 5 minutes before they had a break. Awesome, awesome match. Rob Noxious in on Cabbie after the match. What a way to start off the night!

Match 2



Jake Molson

These two big men climbed into the ring and scientists to this day are still trying to find out where the earthquake was located. Mana took away this win.

Match 3

"Three Way Dance" Match

Lobo Loco


Chris Hamrick


C.J. North

w/ Mike Lawson & Rob Dimension
Lobo Loco over C J. North and Chris Hamrick. Rob Dimension and Mike Lawson come down with North. Excellent match with the wily Hamrick teaching the young 'uns a thing or two as only he can. North put on a great showing including a hard clothesline which he's getting known for. Unfortunately for Hamrick, he went off the ropes onto Rob Dimension and Mike Lawson outside which gave Lobo the chance to pin North. Hink comes in and clears house, cuts a promo on Lawson which leads to...

Match 4

"Elongated Extended Grudge Match"

Mark Mest



No contest double countout. Mest got his arm cut open when he was thrown against the ringpost but the ref wrapped it up and the match continued. These two always put on a great match. Afterwards, Mest says that Asylum is the toughest opponent he's ever had and they should join forces. Asylum finally agrees. The tag team ranks just got shook up.

Match 5

CCW Cruiserweight Championship

American Jackass


Greg Spitz

American Jackass over Greg Spitz to retain the Cruiserweight Title. Spitz is LOVED by the crowd and didn't disappoint in this match either. Add AJ to the mix and you've got yourself one of the top matches of the show.

Match 6

CCW Tag Team Championship

Rebel's Army
(Rockin Rebel & Greg Matthews)


Rob Noxious & D-Licious

Rebel/Greg Matthews over Rob Noxious / D'Licious to retain the tag team titles. As always, Rebel's Army destroyed the competition in their own inimitable style. Fab 2 got in a short barrage of offense but Rebel and Greg came back big time to annihilate them. They battled out into the crowd and the Army showed their opponents the tables, wall, chairs and whatever else, up close and personal. Fans were totally behind Rebel and Matthews the whole unfreakinbelievable match.

Match 7

"Hardcore" Match

Damien Destruction


Joey Wrath

Damien Destruction over Joey Wrath in a hardcore match. This was a hard fought, bloody battle of two guys known for this kind of match. Damien off the top of a ladder onto Joey through a table for the win.

Match 8

CCW Heavyweight Championship

"Indy Iron Man" Match (30 minute match - Most falls wins)



Max Havok

w/ JR Manitoba


This match went the distance with both men that went to different stages throughout. First, things started off with rather nice technical wrestling from both men. Then, as the match wore on, harder shots were thrown, and some pinfalls were made. In the end, both men were throwing anything they could to knock keep the other down. Numerous pinfalls wree counted within the last five minutes of the match. Max Havok pulls out a Fisherman's suplex in the final seconds of the match and J-Money did not have the strength to kick out in time. Max Havok is the NEW CCW Heavyweight Champion! What a way to end the night!

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